Instagram post about my artwork and what inspires me.


 A mini feature about my book "Sand Mouse's Soup" by BeachHouse Publishing.

  • PAYsON ART SCHOOL - Interview

Q & A interview by Kimberly Meade Anderson about being a Children's Book Illustrator.

  • Art Quench Magazine "Jackalope Arts Fair in Pasadena is Impressive"  

Article about me and several other talented artists at Jackalope Art Fair in Pasadena, California.

  • big bear grizzly newspaper

An article written about my artwork and being an illustrator in Big Bear, California.

  • the children's writer's guild "My creative path"

An article about my life and path to becoming an illustrator.

  • Utah Valley Magazine "50 Most Fabulous People" 

Featured and chosen as one of the 50 most fabulous people in Utah Valley.

  • The Daily Herald  "Just Picture This"  

Featured article about my book "My Imagination" and me.

  • skipping stones "My advice to young artists"

Article about my work, how I became an illustrator, and advice to young artists.  (page 18)

  • sugar art and fashion show "Featured artists and designers"

Short article about my work and my life.

  • artist's magazine "sketchbook"

Had one of my sketches from my sketchbook featured in the magazine, along with my Brigham Young University Illustration classmates and professor.