Thanks for being a part of my imagination!

Hello! I'm Alvina Kwong, an illustrator, author, and mom to 2 adorable girls! Welcome to my sweet and whimsical world! I hope you will enjoy going on a magical and fun ride through my imagination. My love of drawing came from growing up in the suburbs of this imaginative and beautiful city called Los Angeles.

Los Angeles has taught me a lot about art and creativity, and it has expanded my love for animals and the spunkiness and thrill of childhood. I loved animals so much that I thought unicorns were real! When I found out that they were a myth, I decided to keep them alive and real in my sketchbooks (or should I say scratch paper that my parents gave me haha). These days I just love spending time on my paintings and drawings. Drawing everything and anything that comes into my mind. Have fun going through my artwork and enjoy the ride! Thanks for visiting!

Alvina Kwong Unicorns
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